Monday, June 14, 2010

Resume Building or Character Building?

Or maybe a little (lot) of both. I do love my summer job, but I'm entirely too type A sometimes. I'm totally okay with going with the flow when it comes to schedules switching around, but it bothers me when there doesn't seem to be a reason for the craziness. Also, the supply closet bothers me. I have 6 Leapfrog pads, and only one charger. Those numbers don't jive. So it looks like I'll be picking up some batteries tomorrow afternoon.

That said, I'm having a great time with the kids, and hopefully it'll be something that principals will be interested in when they read my resume. I'm also finding it really interesting to see the progression of reading levels. I'm teaching K-7 Reading, and I think this experience will be very helpful to me when I begin teaching high school English. One of the main concerns in secondary education today centers around students not being able to read on grade level. Hopefully some observation of the process from the very beginning will give me some insights that will be helpful as I begin teaching.

I also noticed that this month's book club on the English Companion ning is on Teri Lesesne's Reading Ladders, so I'll definitely be keeping an eye on those discussion boards.

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